Just one smile

Carrying the heavy weight
Of a lethargic body
Towards the same old habits
Hot water springing out 

Sobbing under the shower
Tears mix up with the water
Masked they flow away
Gently, without a trace

Blindly looking for a towel
Ready for another day
Pills are almost over
Should I see him again?

Caught inside my thoughts
Memories of another man
I can’t recognize myself driving
I should be singing now…

Funny how it comes and goes
Funny, but it’s not enough
To make me smile again
Even for a little while

That smile I always wore
The one they were jealous of
The one you fell in love with
It will be back, I know

Tired steps on my pathway
It’s not safe to turn back
Craving for a glimpse
Of a sudden crack of light.

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