Same old story

It was the same old luggage
And the same old road
Heading towards an angry sea
And to feelings I can’t ignore

It was that same old restaurant
Or maybe it looked alike
Her eyes of a deep brown
A hand waiting for mine

Please take me somewhere
A place that I don’t know
Please teach me how to feel
What I can’t feel anymore

It’s just the same old story
But with a different name
I will tell you that I love you
You will tell me it’s too late.

Holes in the sand

Coming here will be for you
Like a walk on a winter beach
A light breeze will bring you
The pleasant smell of our sea

You’ll take off your shoes
To feel the softness of the ground
You will find it nicely cool
You’ll skim the water’s edge and smile

Looking around you will see
Places you will recognise
Lightly but inexorably hidden
By the haze of an incongruous time

Exploring this place will feel
Like digging holes in the sand
Unstable ephemeral pathways
Towards memories of another life

A sudden wave of reality
Will hide all the images away
And there will be no trace left
Of your footsteps on my seaside.


I can recognise your walk
Between a thousand people, from afar
You are looking for me
Your head slightly bended on your right

I can recognise your lips
The most warm and soft on earth
The most cherished ones
Those of a first kiss I’ll never forget

I can recognise the skin
Of your hand into mine
You smile to me into this taxi
Taking us to paradise

This is the first time we meet
In a big and crowded town
Looks like I can perfectly recall
All of it in a persistent dream

I can still feel you following me
But as soon as I turn back and look
You’ve disappeared my precious
Gone from my life, for good.

The Sky in a Room

“When you are here with me
This room
Doesn’t have walls anymore
But trees, endless trees

When you are here next to me
This violet ceiling
Doesn’t exist anymore
I see the sky above us

Staying here
Just like there was nothing
Nothing left on earth

A harmonica is playing
It looks to me like an organ
Vibrating for you and me
Up in the vastness of the sky

For you… and for me
In the sky.”

(Gino Paoli – “Il cielo in una stanza”)

Still alive

Just in case you were wondering
Yes, I am still alive
Alive and feeling ready
For giving you what’s mine

I know I can’t write love songs
I think I’m not that smart
But I can still pull some love
Out of this wasted heart

Just put me to the test
Sweetheart, I wont deceive you
Even more if you like sweetness
Vaguely tasting blue

I’ll let my mask drop down
If you will do the same
We can go far together
If we both play the game.