Sky is dark, the stars are hiding
Angels fly low with worried eyes
They can touch the devils’ hands
With the wake of their wings

I watch the last flames burning
Inhale the smell of death
Smoke twirls around in the shadows
Of the wasted world I’ve made

I should have been more careful
With the fire that you gave me
Maybe I should have hidden it in my veins
Or let it knowingly die

But it had already gone too far
Well before your first I love you
Well before it started to destroy
My mouth already tasted like ashes.

My playground

Smiles of circumstance
Towards the outside world
Brownish steel eyes
A war ongoing on the inside

Words running after each other
Like kids in a playground
But no laughter of joy
In their wild, quiet chaos

Catch me if you can
Before I get out of touch
My lungs emptied by silent screams
And my heartbeats wasted in vain.


Pills crushed on the ground
By inadvertent steps
I sit on the bathroom floor
Staring at the dusty remains

Should I stay evasive
Before my tired mind
Or look it in the eyes
And knock the scenery down

Just a mere coincidence
Or a real sign of fate
I need to take my time
I need to concentrate

Arms crossed on my chest
I look for a little warmth
Inhale, hold, exhale
These shivers have to stop.

The island

for SB

Reported missing
Alone, endless sea around
A shelter built from scratch

Dry and indifferent
To the echoes of your
Words left unspoken

Mighty sun rays
And a beauty I can’t like
Blind to any pleasure

I focus my energy
To the quest of the time
When my being will be mine

Friends from Scout Team Alpha
Are on the way to rescue me
I can finally hear their engines roar.