A promise

Gently shoving away
The dead leaves from the marble
Your name comes back
In damaged gold letters

Memories just can’t wait
To reach the surface of my eyes
A swarm of bees in my head
Cigarette smoke will push them away

Getting out through the main portal
Hanging to its cold iron for a second
To catch my breath and swear
That I’m not gonna come here again

The place where my rage lies
Buried with your bitter words
And with the silhouette of a life
Worth to be lived by someone else.

The saviour

Out of the pouring rain
And into colourful shades
I could recognise her

Despite her soaked clothes
Sticking on her skin
And mystifying my senses

She was the same one
Aged into different arms
Still young into mine

Sweetness of my days
Melancholy of my nights
I surrender into her eyes.

In peace

On a dune
By the sea

That the wind
Is turning into storm

I crave
For the last
Wave to ride

And when
Hopes and fears
Will collide

Me back
To the seashore

I’ll lie
On my back

And rest
And in peace.

Not leaving

I am not leaving you
My body’s just going, on duty
To keep my promises
And shine a light on our future

Don’t long for me
To come back to you
My heart is in your hands
Right under your pillow

Now close your eyes again
And sleep a little more
And take care of our dreams
Because it’s all we own.


Time goes slowly by
And washes away the pain
By killing one by one
Memories in my brain

It’s gonna happen one day
I will wake up and notice
That I have nothing to cry for
Because my mind is clear

Nothing to remember
Nothing to complain about
Not a number to text to
Nor a face haunting the night

Everything will be thrown
In the same dark bin
Good things and bad things
And your first name with it.