Coffee table



Once we were grains in the wood,
Unexpectedly bending curves,
Islands on a table top, waves around.

Now every day has the same rhythm
While you and I have lost the wildness
and gained so much good, so much balance.

Our roads are straight with walls of obligations,
Narrow alleys of glistening wet stones,
And at home the coffee table carries two remote controls.

Now and then the port and coffee stains
Tell me of our history, making me want to remember
How we once were constructed in wood.

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Going home

Rain has stopped, streetlights still on
I watch my steps between the puddles
Long way to go but I feel loosen up
Blithe, I turn my jackets’ collar up

She has your long brown hair
My jaw clenches, I need to look away
Drunk enough not to feel the cold
But not enough to elude my mind.

Night shift


I can tell the good path
My instinct works fine here
Breaking through black droplets
I dive down to the tar

“Lights will guide you home”
I sing in my head again
And here they are, right below
But there is no home in sight

A few forms to fill in
And I’ll leave my wings to sleep
Just another trip to somewhere
Childhood dream – I sketch a grin.

The Wizard

A house like the others
A few empty chairs
A voice, a welcome
A call from upstairs

The wizard looked at me
Deep dark blue eyes
Unbreakable mirror
Of a singular mind

He’s taking my hand
But I won’t believe
I know all those tricks
I’m not so naive

He speaks of my world
My past and my fate
He talks about a distant
And dangerous shade

Temptation is strong
A will to deny
But tears they come back
Breathe deep, don’t cry…

Oh, I feel so tired
My eyes need to shut
My bones are broken
Bad taste in my mouth

No need to go further
The old man is right
You’re only a spell
In my infinite night.


Sweet morning breeze
Caress to my skin
Lifting the dreams
Reckless eternal spring

You turned into hot
Beneath the lead of my sun
Seasides and lovers
And hearts to be found

Weather has changed
Leaves coming down
Damaged feathers
Imperceptible sound

Of a restless flight
Was the struggle in vain?
While winter comes
Cold breeze in my hair.

The Versatile Blogger Award


Well, I am still blushing for having been nominated by the most beautiful and talented Nidhi for this award. Thank you so much, sweet girl!

The most challenging rule to comply with is to pick fifteen blogs to pass the baton to. Here we go:

Sabiscuit’s Catalog, hbhatnagar, Plato’s Groove, Emerging from the Dark Night, Indisposed & Undiagnosed, Bare Naked in Public, Sonya Lira Photography, Be Illustrated, Cobblestone, Milford Street, Saya D Poet, SometimesBipolar, Arcade # 1775, Michael’s Lair, A touch of my saint!

And now, let me tell you seven facts about myself…

1. My name is Antonio, but all my friends call me Tony.
2. I am from Italy and I have been living in France since, let me think… OMG!
3. I have two beautiful kids, light of my eyes.
4. I have three main passions: aircraft, music and photography.
5. I can play guitar but I can’t dance.
6. I can be very funny if I dare to disconnect my brain. Red wine works just fine for this.
7. My heart is a mess, but this you already know.

“…that’s all folks…”
Much love to you all, Tony (aka Heavy Cloud)