The Siren

A song, unfinished
A remote and bitter gift
For a Siren sang it
Her eyes obscure

Melting feelings
And golden rings
Her voice shakes me
And burns my bones

A song, unheard
By others than me
Curses the path
And steals the meaning

Sitting on the edge
Of a broken dream
In the shadow I wait
Truth and time concealed.

A call

Heartbeat speeds up
Do I remember?
Dialing goes easy
Of course I do

A voice rings
Senselessly smiling
I’m not an old friend
Do not even try…

You won’t apologize
Why should you, again
I’m broken by the missing
But dignified in pain

Words flow out
Sobbing unheard
Nothing left to share
“Take care”, the end.


The whirlwind of my thoughts
Swirls around his core, and there is you
Who helped me in rebuilding my life
And then pulled the main brick out of it

The whirlwind of my words
Still attracted by the black hole where you
Who could discern the sadness in my smiles
Have disappeared without a trace.