Music is an important part of our lives, and a crucial part of mine. That’s why I’d like to share this song with you. Be patient, the song builds up slowly and the voice only comes in at 8:36…

I hope that you will accept to take the time, close your eyes and let me take you with me. And I really hope you will enjoy this small journey.

Much love.
Your humble guide, HeavyCloud

(I strongly suggest using your headphones, if you can)

“It hurts to feel
It hurts to hear
It hurts to face it
It hurts to hide
It hurts to touch
It hurts to wake up
It hurts to remember
It hurts to hold on

Turn my head

The hurt’s relentless
The hurt of emptiness
The hurt of wanting
The hurt of going on
The hurt of missing
The hurt is killing me

Turn my head
Turn it off
Off forever
Turn it off forever

Ever blind”

(Archive – Lights)

Your First Post Challenge

I’m proud for having been nominated by hbhatnagar (aka The Mighty Doc) for this very disturbing challenge. It’s not easy for me to go back in time and THINK about what I wrote and why I did it, but it’s a good test in a way…

The rules:

  • Copy-paste, link, pingback or take a picture of your first post;
  • State what type of post that was (like depression, grieving, anxiety or heartbreak);
  • Explain why was this, instead of something funny, your first post;
  • Nominate 5 other bloggers. Five because you can count on the fingers of your left hand while typing with the right.

*** One Thousand Miles ***

A poem, so to speak… I was flying back home from Eindhoven, on an early September morning. Mixed feelings of love and loss, and the fear of returning to a place that I didn’t feel mine anymore: I was alone, my heart just didn’t catch that plane. I wrote this down, for her, but I kept it for me. Now it has become the first memory of our last encounter, the first song about a farewell.

And the nominees are:

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Cheers, HC

The tiger

In my home garden I saw a tiger
Slowly crawling on the dead leaves
I tried to approach, moving in silence
She came and gently put her head on my knees

Her hair was damaged and her teeth decayed
By severe battles and ruthless time
She was just looking for some caring
I barely touched her and I shed a tear

None around to hear me calling
None there to share such a gift 
She finally left me alone with my thoughts
Wondering who that tiger might be.

She dances

And she dances
I can see her from here
Black beautiful blossom
Fluttering in the wind

And she dances
Her hands waving through life
Spreading happiness around
Overwhelmed, in her new dream

And she dances
Changing pictures on her wall
And I watch her giving him
The love she used to give to me.