The undying

He screamed his lungs out
In the same empty room
Gravity crushing down
Heavy words one by one

The echoes won’t reach her
She’s safe behind the dikes
They will just fly over
Shadows cast by the clouds

Forever she will wait
But winds won’t sweep her sky
And a new love won’t kill him
‘Cause soulmates never die.

The watchmaker

I cannot confine you
Within hands and gears
Your pace is confident
And your ticking is clear

You painfully crawl
While I need to forget
And you run way too fast
If I need some rest

Cause you choose your pace
While you walk away
Your rules are my spell
But I have to obey.

Some heaven


Wailing sirens won’t steal my sleep
Creased sheets won’t have your shape
Rainy days won’t change my mood
Ringing phones won’t have your voice

Soothed soul, my heart won’t bleed
In the fields where I will roam
Still for you I won’t keep anger
But a place right next to mine.

The repairman

Dad taught me how to fix
Things that could still be saved
And take pleasure and pride
From seeing them work again

Grandpa taught me to keep
Seemingly useless things
Imagining new lives
For screws and nails and strings

But now I feel frustrated
A messy bench in front
While stubbornly I dig
And look in every box

And as hard as I try
At the end of my wit
I can’t see tools to employ
Nor a spare that could fit

Because there are no screws
Or plates to take apart
Nor special glues conceived
To fix a broken heart.

Many thanks to sweet Calen for the inspiring conversation and for encouraging me to turn it into a…  a poem? 😉 ❤