Back to business

After fifteen days spent tanning, crawling, eating ice creams and buying silly summer bracelets with my kids, they’re back at their mother’s and I am back to my apartment. The beautiful “Hand. Cannot. Erase.” by Steven Wilson is playing on my stereo.

Coming back from the summer holidays is never easy to handle, but this year it’s different. We talked, we played, we laughed, we really spent time together. And for my birthday they gave me a gift way bigger than anything money can buy. They told me that they were happy.

Back to business tomorrow, but for now let me cherish this sweet melancholy a little longer, let me still feel for a few minutes how life can be just perfect sometimes.

9 thoughts on “Back to business

  1. calensariel August 3, 2015 / 1:42 am

    Oh good Lord… You got me all teary here now, friend. What a wonderful, precious gift. Hope you took tons of pictures to memorialize it all. Hugs…

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