Hot air, sand under my feet
Feels like the first time
I can barely remember
The small house lying by the sea

Shadows in black and white
Pulsing light of my night
Dad is waiting awake
For a small and huge leap

One day I will understand
But let me sleep for now
One day I will rewind
And watch those shining men walk

And I’ll listen to that song
The one I knew by heart
The one that made me sing
In a way that made you laugh

And I’ll enjoy melancholy
Of summers faded away
And a young father’s smiles
On yellowed photographs

Well I still sing that song
And I get its meaning now
It speaks about our summers
And your laughter rings again.

Thanks to my sweet Calen for inspiring such memories

By the way, the song:

3 thoughts on “Summers

  1. calensariel August 21, 2015 / 3:35 pm

    ^^’ 🙂 Seems like your dad is the one who was inspiring you. You’ve been thinking about him. The most important thing about this poem? “Well I still sing that song / And I get its meaning now…” We usually know when we’ve come full circle. I know I did when I started to understand that my parents’ behaviors were just human. There’s a quote from “The Red Tent” I put on my blog the other day. To mourn is respectful; to remember is sacred. Your remembering and singing is a sacred ritual. Never forget that. Love you, HC…


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