An amazing weekend

What a weekend! It started on Friday night with the long-awaited Steven Wilson’s concert. Great band, huge sound and the pleasure of meeting Nick Beggs, the bass player. I told him I could remember when he started his career with Kajagoogoo and how amazing was the bass beginning of “Too shy”. “You’re old!”, he said. Yes, indeed…


The morning after, my heart is still moved and dizzy because of the concert aftermath but there’s no time to rest: I am gonna fly to London for the Rugby World Championship match between France and Italy!

Despite a deflated propeller, we safely land in Gatwick. A huge thanks to our heroic pilots 😀


The Twickenham stadium is a pure beauty and the atmosphere overflows of a joyful excitement. Singing my national anthem along with thousands of people is something moving and unique.


Well, no surprises about the score. On the other hand, I have to say that as a lifetime football fan I wasn’t expecting such a friendly attitude between the two opposite team’s supporters. Hugging and congratulating each other for the good game and going for a pint together is something that makes me love rugby way more than for the game itself.


But it’s time to fly back already. Back home at 5am, with the feeling of having had one of the most unforgettable weekends of my life.

Much love, HC


Fireworks remind me of a little boy, scared by the noise of the shiny blasts. They remind me of my father’s comforting hand holding mine, his happy smile and the thousand colored stars reflecting in his eyes. A gift for him, as he used to say, since the yearly spectacle matched with his birthday.

Somehow, they remind me of my roots in a more deep and tender way than all the images, tastes and sounds of my childhood. This is why, each time the show recurs it’s always a very special moment to me.

Unexpected, they came back a few nights ago and my camera was at hand. I’d like to share with you these few pics taken from my balcony… By the way, do you mind if I take your hand?

Much love, HC

Let me show you…

Let me show you
This is my room
My toys on the ground
And pencils to draw

It smells good here
And I have fun
My brother’s laughter
Rings out while we run

Let me show you
This is my life
Why should I change it
For a trip in the night

But my daddy says
That we have to go
So I take his hand
And we reach the flow

And I try to run
And I try to swim
And I wave for help
But it’s not me that you see

You see the alien
A thief of work
A sudden menace
To your perfect world

Well now I’m too tired
To fear and to hope
At least let me sleep
On the sand of your shore.

To Aylan.