So sometimes
That’s the way it goes
When you tear down my armour
And crumble my walls

And sometimes
In constant twists and turns
Warm blue turns to black
And sweet turns into sour

In red Bordeaux
The gravity releases
My hearts and my thoughts
Set free to bleed again

Look back now
Did I break my promise yet?
We never said goodbye
´Cause maybe we never met.

Two years

I created this blog exactly two years ago, but I left it to sleep for more than twelve months before writing anything.

Now it has become one of the more pleasant and enriching experiences of my whole life. And this is only because of you, colored souls and luminous quills, steady hands to grab to and, all in all, dear unexpected friends…

Thank you so much, with all my heart.

The dark light

There is a dark light
Hiding in my thoughts
Playing with my memories
Drenched in my tears

You, queen of hearts
I’ve never been your story
And even less your life
Just another toy on the way

There goes the dark light
Exposed in my thoughts
Flashing with my memories
Laughing at my tears

You, queen of hearts
I’ll never be your story
Maybe a hole in your life
And a toy, lost on the way.

Die Laughing

Gimme something to breathe
Give me a reason to live
Close your eyes and see
What you have inside

I think I’ve gone insane, I can’t remember my own name
I think I’ve gone insane

Now the dream is gone
And your friends just tell you lies
Then you realise
You’re gonna die anyway

I think I’ve gone insane, I can’t remember my own name

Lost in a world with no reality
I’m frightened to move
I’m frightened to speak
And I will kill for a good night’s sleep
I’m feeling, I’m feeling dead, dead, dead, dead

I think I’ve gone insane, I can’t remember my own name

I can’t remember

The missing boy

The boy who made your heart
Skip a beat with a wink
The one who made you laugh
Whith stories good for shrinks

The boy who used to cheer
Your paintings and your pics
The one who used to call you
Love, angel, stupid dream

That boy is missing now
He’s left, he’s far away
His place is now the scene
For a man who cannot play

A man with busy hands
And wiser, heavy eyes
A man who can tell stories
A man who can tell lies

A man you wouldn’t know
But if you need a clue
A man with a sad smile
Each time he thinks of you.