Snow’s falling heavy
Timeless flakes dance
Caught in a timeless spell

My footsteps behind me
Will soon disappear
And so my concern

Forgive me, you can
‘Cause mine are the burden
And the cuts on the hands

As I grab onto the stakes
No byroads to take
And no minds to reverse

While snow’s falling heavy
My timeless love dances
Caught in a timeless spell.

Patrouille de France

As you maybe already know, I love planes. And nothing is more exciting for us planes lovers than having the privilege to watch a renowned aerobatics team like Patrouille de France right from the runway. Here’s a few pictures from their latest visits to my town.

The Dying of the Light (SSFD #7)

You get into a music shop and almost randomly buy a record. You listen and you suddenly you feel overwhelmed by a huge wave of melancholy: somewhere there is a guy who told the tale you thought was yours, his words and music sound so familiar. Is he a stranger, a childhood friend or just another parallel life? And you smile…

“And I was told that the streets were paved with gold
And there’d be no time for getting old when we were young
But it’s alright if you dance with me tonight
We’ll fight the dying of the light and we’ll catch the sun”

Cheesy ballad

If I kiss you goodbye
And watch you walk away
I know you’ll go forever

And while I let you go
And cry my broken heart
I’m sure that you’ll know better

‘Cause we’re no longer one
And we won’t share again
The things we shared together

So I’ll kiss you goodbye
And you won’t turn and see
I’m lost in love forever.

(Okay I know, it sounds a bit like Bon Jovi… So what? I have Italian blood too! 😀 )

Black is beautiful

Back to 2014 and a totally unexpected visit to the Pierre Soulages museum, in the artist’s hometown Rodez. I was there just for a lunch with friends, when we stumbled upon the official unveiling of the museum to the medias*. Breathtaking…

* in such a context, a person with a camera in the hand can turn herself from a tourist into a journalist in the blink of an eye… 😉

Out of nowhere


Early morning thoughts at the runway threshold. Too much fog for taking pictures, but still I’m staying here and smoking one more cigarette, my camera at hand. The noise gets louder and louder but I can’t see the plane. I shoot where it should be, right when it comes out of the clouds. This is dedicated to a very special friend, too bad she’s so far away…