My tree

In May 2015 I cut a small branch from a beautiful fruit tree I saw in a neighbour’s garden. Its fruits reminded me of my grandma and the way she used to cut them into halves and dispose them into some hot leavened bread for our breakfast. I put the branch in a plastic bottle half full of compost. I watered, just enough. I moved it to a sunny corner of my balcony. I patiently waited for the first tiny roots to become visible through the transparent plastic of the bottle, then I moved it to a larger pot. In November, all its leaves had fallen and I decided to try and move it to a friend’s garden. It’s the right time of the year for this, they say… Now the winter really seems to be over and guess what? The small branch seems to enjoy itself in his new ground, a few tiny leaves have started to bloom. I am a city guy and this is the first time that I plant a tree. The thought of it growing up, giving fruits and also surviving me makes me feel hopeful and moved. Let me introduce to you my baby beautiful fig tree๐Ÿ˜Š


(Sorry for the lack of focus, I tried ten times but this is the best I could do ๐Ÿ˜ž)

To forever

Present to past
You have become
In a flicker of time
A muse to my songs

Now to forever
The tide returns
Like foam disappears
This gift of one love

Present to past
Eyes seeking eyes
My soul keeps shaking
Like fire in the storm

Now to forever
Memories fall
And swirl in the lines
Of my songs for you.

Smile again

Say my name and brush my hands
Fill my cells with your scent and I will
Remember my youth, once a ship
Through a shining sea of time unborn

You patiently teach me again
To get back on my own feet
Your strenght is still my shelter
In the constant, pouring rain

My mind sways into a sweet lapse
Still so familiar your smile is
And while I walked through my darkness
I guess it has always been my light.

To Mario – September 12, 1935 / March 11, 2003