Smile again

Say my name and brush my hands
Fill my cells with your scent and I will
Remember my youth, once a ship
Through a shining sea of time unborn

You patiently teach me again
To get back on my own feet
Your strenght is still my shelter
In the constant, pouring rain

My mind sways into a sweet lapse
Still so familiar your smile is
And while I walked through my darkness
I guess it has always been my light.

To Mario – September 12, 1935 / March 11, 2003

My sea

This is my haven, a calm place wrapped in the arms of the Southern Europe shores, made of summer swim and winter walks. Here I use to sit in the sand and breathe to the rhythm of the waves.

This is where all my memories coalesce, where being son and father, young and old, happy and sad can finally merge to become just what I am.

Welcome to my sea.


Snow’s falling heavy
Timeless flakes dance
Caught in a timeless spell

My footsteps behind me
Will soon disappear
And so my concern

Forgive me, you can
‘Cause mine are the burden
And the cuts on the hands

As I grab onto the stakes
No byroads to take
And no minds to reverse

While snow’s falling heavy
My timeless love dances
Caught in a timeless spell.