Brothers In Arms

Because if I lived in Paris, yesterday night I’d have been at the Bataclan to see the Eagles of Death Metal. Because of the anger, the disgust and this overwhelming sadness. Because we have been told today that we are in a war.

And because we have just one world, but we live in different ones…

Let me show you…

Let me show you
This is my room
My toys on the ground
And pencils to draw

It smells good here
And I have fun
My brother’s laughter
Rings out while we run

Let me show you
This is my life
Why should I change it
For a trip in the night

But my daddy says
That we have to go
So I take his hand
And we reach the flow

And I try to run
And I try to swim
And I wave for help
But it’s not me that you see

You see the alien
A thief of work
A sudden menace
To your perfect world

Well now I’m too tired
To fear and to hope
At least let me sleep
On the sand of your shore.

To Aylan.

The weapon

Truth is sometimes
Better left unsaid
Kept under lock and key
Like a lethal weapon

For a better moment
Will maybe come to use it
Against real enemies
Rather than an uncomfortable past

But you coldly spoke it
Sort of a make or break cure
Convinced that any heart
Can be healed by the obvious

Then my reason ran aground
Pushed by your merciless wind
So carefully stay, distant enough
Not to see my fatal wounds.


Sky is dark, the stars are hiding
Angels fly low with worried eyes
They can touch the devils’ hands
With the wake of their wings

I watch the last flames burning
Inhale the smell of death
Smoke twirls around in the shadows
Of the wasted world I’ve made

I should have been more careful
With the fire that you gave me
Maybe I should have hidden it in my veins
Or let it knowingly die

But it had already gone too far
Well before your first I love you
Well before it started to destroy
My mouth already tasted like ashes.

A promise

Gently shoving away
The dead leaves from the marble
Your name comes back
In damaged gold letters

Memories just can’t wait
To reach the surface of my eyes
A swarm of bees in my head
Cigarette smoke will push them away

Getting out through the main portal
Hanging to its cold iron for a second
To catch my breath and swear
That I’m not gonna come here again

The place where my rage lies
Buried with your bitter words
And with the silhouette of a life
Worth to be lived by someone else.

Day Three

Going through the last day
Of my reckless quest
Exhausting last ditch
For my brain cells

Among the ashes
And the dirty debris
I really can’t find
One thing I should keep

Nothing is worth more
Than a distracted sight
Like pretentious creations
That are not worth a dime

This is Day Three
And I won’t allow anyone
Including myself
To tear my work down.

Day Two

Kill all the images
Forget the past
Erase all the words
And numbers by heart

The sounds of laughter
Have gone with the tears
Instead of my music
A war cry begins

Burnt earth policy
Quite a good plan
Taking no prisoners
Oblivion, the aim

This is Day Two
Of my desperate bet
One knee on the ground
But I’m not beaten yet.

The birdsong

In the sunny country where I come from
there’s an old proverb that says:
“The bird in the cage
Sings for love or for rage.”

Well, my poor little bird
Please don’t be worried
If you realize that you sing
for both of them at the same time.