Light-minded (she said)

I won’t let your pain
Influence my life
I won’t let your love
Interfere in my happiness

I won’t let your world
Collide into mine
I won’t let our past
Come back to surface

I want to start all over
Just in the same old way
I want to feel light-minded
Not being myself again.

It’s how it is, baby

It’s how it is, baby
I’ve been thinking about it

You having sex with me
While knowing it was over

You waiting for me leaving
To tell your final truth

You spending words of wisdom
When you just didn’t care

You trying to soothe my pain
To be in peace with yourself

It’s how it is, baby
And I wish we’d never met.

A song of hate

You are mindless
You have traded
A beautiful house
For a nice cold cell

You are a traitor
You have exchanged
One real love
For some common comfort

You are cold
With your sharp thinking
Only useful
To satisfy your needs

You are a liar
You just think
That you possess the truth
But we know you are wrong

You kill me slowly
And you think it’s enough
To show me your reality
To make my love disappear.