Déjà vu

The sun has just started to get through the trees. The view from my solitary cabin is beautiful. That’s exactly why I selected it, five years ago. Solitary and beautiful.

I’m drinking my first coffee of the day, comfortably wrapped up in my checkered dressing gown, when the black helicopter noisily lands into my backyard in a cloud of dust. Three men in dark suits and shining aviator sunglasses come out of it. They keep their heads down, the propeller is still turning. Do they really assume that engineers were dumb enough to position the heli props at a head chopping height? CIA morons, I think.

A familiar silhouette walks in front, the other two seem just busy to watch his back. He knocks at my kitchen door. I’m not in a hurry, I exactly know who he is and what he wants from me. He sketches an uneasy grin as my face appears behind the mosquito grid.

“Hey, Heavy! Glad to see you old crook! You look in shape, even if you’d need a good shaving. May I get in?”

“Thomas J. Thompson… I told you I didn’t want to see your dirty mug around anymore. Tell your guys to clear off my backyard right away or I’ll take delight in shooting into your legs and your fucking eggbeater.” I gently lift my right hand, my .44 Remington shines like gold in the morning light.

“C’mon, Heavy! Ok, I am sorry for the Mosul thing, we shouldn’t have dumped you. But you knew the risks and… Well, whatever, we need you back into service, the President needs you. Come with me now, I will tell y…”

I feel confused. I suddenly realize that I’ve never had a backyard or a gun. Or a checkered dressing gown, either. I hear the speaker’s voice coming out of my radio alarm, announcing the 6am news. I wake up.

Some dreams

In camouflage clothes
They blend into
The thoughts of the day
Like sharpened hunters
They patiently hide
Confused into memories

As the dark hours come
I can tell the lures
And hear in the distance
The pace of the pack
I know they’ll succeed
In their merciless task

But I cannot resist
As my mind releases
Its constant catch
And your smile I see
Sweet and painful seal
To my new surrender.

The performer

Words and melodies
Never give in
And leave his mind
To sublimate
Become his clouds
Or sunny skies

They just watch out
For an escape
He knows, he smiles
So many feelings
So many tales
He cannot write

But he’s a voice
And he vibrates
There’s no disguise
He borrows songs
He plays a role
But never lies.

The dragon

Tired muscles prominent
Under my thickened skin
Colored scales stained
Damp blood that shines like tin

This cave is now my home
Away from silly fights
This darkness is my nurse
Hiding my terror sights

A rain of arrows falling
Would just have felt like straws
But I removed my armor
And they pierced to the bones

I trusted in his protection
My rider couldn’t lie
Now I crave for salvation
I’ll heal alone or die.

No hidden meaning, just a fantasy game… 😉

The tiger

In my home garden I saw a tiger
Slowly crawling on the dead leaves
I tried to approach, moving in silence
She came and gently put her head on my knees

Her hair was damaged and her teeth decayed
By severe battles and ruthless time
She was just looking for some caring
I barely touched her and I shed a tear

None around to hear me calling
None there to share such a gift 
She finally left me alone with my thoughts
Wondering who that tiger might be.

She dances

And she dances
I can see her from here
Black beautiful blossom
Fluttering in the wind

And she dances
Her hands waving through life
Spreading happiness around
Overwhelmed, in her new dream

And she dances
Changing pictures on her wall
And I watch her giving him
The love she used to give to me.

A dream of silver

Silver coins
Drop in my hat
As I beg and sing
Of lovers unknown

Silver coins
Shine on the floor
An easy gathering
Just steal and run

Silver coins
A treat of sweat
A pass for the gates
Of a personal hell

Silver coins
To buy a new smile
Shining white sheet
For a dusty soul.