Who should I want now
That our season is over
And the flame stifled
And hidden in a case

Who should I wait for
Cause waiting was forever
And your look the evidence
Of a promise made in vain

Chemical nights ahead
Silicon flavored dreams
Swirl into pretty dances
And Dior fake red smiles

Who should I love now
That love is not forever
Truth is that I still wait
For your silence to tell.

An amazing weekend

What a weekend! It started on Friday night with the long-awaited Steven Wilson’s concert. Great band, huge sound and the pleasure of meeting Nick Beggs, the bass player. I told him I could remember when he started his career with Kajagoogoo and how amazing was the bass beginning of “Too shy”. “You’re old!”, he said. Yes, indeed…


The morning after, my heart is still moved and dizzy because of the concert aftermath but there’s no time to rest: I am gonna fly to London for the Rugby World Championship match between France and Italy!

Despite a deflated propeller, we safely land in Gatwick. A huge thanks to our heroic pilots 😀


The Twickenham stadium is a pure beauty and the atmosphere overflows of a joyful excitement. Singing my national anthem along with thousands of people is something moving and unique.


Well, no surprises about the score. On the other hand, I have to say that as a lifetime football fan I wasn’t expecting such a friendly attitude between the two opposite team’s supporters. Hugging and congratulating each other for the good game and going for a pint together is something that makes me love rugby way more than for the game itself.


But it’s time to fly back already. Back home at 5am, with the feeling of having had one of the most unforgettable weekends of my life.

Much love, HC

The watchmaker

I cannot confine you
Within hands and gears
Your pace is confident
And your ticking is clear

You painfully crawl
While I need to forget
And you run way too fast
If I need some rest

Cause you choose your pace
While you walk away
Your rules are my spell
But I have to obey.

The repairman

Dad taught me how to fix
Things that could still be saved
And take pleasure and pride
From seeing them work again

Grandpa taught me to keep
Seemingly useless things
Imagining new lives
For screws and nails and strings

But now I feel frustrated
A messy bench in front
While stubbornly I dig
And look in every box

And as hard as I try
At the end of my wit
I can’t see tools to employ
Nor a spare that could fit

Because there are no screws
Or plates to take apart
Nor special glues conceived
To fix a broken heart.

Many thanks to sweet Calen for the inspiring conversation and for encouraging me to turn it into a…  a poem? 😉 ❤

The promise of a tree

I have been growing
In a fullness of absence
Each branch a challenge
And each leave a hope

Many winters behind
And a harder bark
I keep hearts and letters
Carved by lovers hands

I can be your shelter
When clouds break their promise
And I’ll be your shade
When your sun is too bright

And if you forget me
I’ll turn into pieces
And one day I’ll be fire
Warming your heart.

Five minutes

Our past is just
Five minutes away
So don’t be scared ’cause
You have already survived to it

Our future is just
In five minutes
So don’t be scared ’cause
You are already experiencing it

Why worry about them
Or care about what is not?
You can let your defenses down
And stop hiding from both.