Cold stones

Carefully open up the box
And take out all the gold
And all the precious gems
You have been cherishing for so long

Watch them shine like a rainbow
As soon as the torchlight
Bathes the purple velvet
Inside the weathered wooden case

Explain to your best friend
That this once was your treasure
And try to make him see through your eyes
How much they enlightened your own world

Show him the endless landscapes
Of their reflections in your head
Tell the meaning of their shades
And the pattern they used to form

He will only see cold stones
And dark spaces in between
And you cannot blame him for this
Because there’s nothing to be seen

And no reason for him to rescue you
Or for playing the doctor’s part
And help fighting the invisible presence
Of a dream that turned out bad.

Ordinary love

Don’t expect ethereal powers
To generate a shining light
Flooding your room
To enlighten your solitude

Don’t expect bearded gods
Or winged beings from above
To come and pull you
Out of your personal cage

Just keep your heart open
And a welcome in your eyes
Because your rescue will come
From the most ordinary love.

What we are

Sometimes we hit
And sometimes we miss
And we can earn sorrow
While looking for bliss

We are what we are
And the way we changed
When we succeeded
Or when we just failed

What we deserved
Is what we finally have
There is no action
Without reward or blame

We are what we are
Alone from the start
We exist as a whole
We are none else’s part

Let’s focus on ourselves
Cause the others don’t mean
They don’t own our virtue
Nor they’ll carry our guilt.

Giving up

My love, I don’t like this image of myself
Whining like a kid who lost his favourite toy
You know what I mean, you’ve been there before
Crying all day, nothing to be proud of

You know my sweet love, I have been there before too
Deciding to leave and saying “no more”
To the other’s sorrow thrown up to my face
To provoke regrets or just to cause pain

You have a new life and a new, normal love
All the rest is bothering, including these words
I know what you feel and I know what you need
I give up on this now and I leave you, in peace.

A handful of life

Like tiny grains of sand
Seconds drop down from my hand
The most I clench my fist
The faster it gets empty

I watch them falling silently
In a row to the ground
They form a few small hills
As my hand moves around

I try to hold them back
But they will not obey
Their path is never-changing
Each hill is one more day

This small place at my feet
is where my old dreams rest
Time to create new ones
Before the sand is past.


It happens when you’re distracted
And you stumble over it
And you fall, prey to a panic
Tasting like adrenaline

Then you finally hit the ground
And you’re hurt or you just bounce
And the people all around you
Some will help and some will laugh

Now you will feel kind of dazed
Taking a look at your wounds
And you seek for the hand
That one that can pull you up

And sometimes you will swear
You’ll be watching out next time
Still you you know you can’t avoid
Falling in love with no reason why.