Smile again

Say my name and brush my hands
Fill my cells with your scent and I will
Remember my youth, once a ship
Through a shining sea of time unborn

You patiently teach me again
To get back on my own feet
Your strenght is still my shelter
In the constant, pouring rain

My mind sways into a sweet lapse
Still so familiar your smile is
And while I walked through my darkness
I guess it has always been my light.

To Mario – September 12, 1935 / March 11, 2003


Snow’s falling heavy
Timeless flakes dance
Caught in a timeless spell

My footsteps behind me
Will soon disappear
And so my concern

Forgive me, you can
‘Cause mine are the burden
And the cuts on the hands

As I grab onto the stakes
No byroads to take
And no minds to reverse

While snow’s falling heavy
My timeless love dances
Caught in a timeless spell.


Feet stomping on marble
Sudden nocturnal buzz
Of intruders at the gates

Black threatening pawns
Out of a bigger game
Chasing a feeble King

You will maybe get in
Your pointed stings at hand
Blind enemies on hold

But time consumed my Queen
And choked our perfect fire
Under its opaque dome

So please stop knocking now
And leave me to my realm
Of sweet and blithe indifference.

Some dreams

In camouflage clothes
They blend into
The thoughts of the day
Like sharpened hunters
They patiently hide
Confused into memories

As the dark hours come
I can tell the lures
And hear in the distance
The pace of the pack
I know they’ll succeed
In their merciless task

But I cannot resist
As my mind releases
Its constant catch
And your smile I see
Sweet and painful seal
To my new surrender.

Nothingman (SSFD #2)

This is one of the bands I’ve grown up with. At first, they just sounded like one of the fresh rock bands surfing (good metaphor Mr Vedder, isn’t it?) on that restless Seattle wave called grunge. What a healthy way to end the 80s, after so many glittering dance floor tunes…

That wave broke onto the shore before the new century, bringing along its lot of splitting bands and the bodies of those for whom the star system had been a too heavy burden.

Pearl Jam went on. They changed by not changing at all. And kept in touch from time to time, with their unchanged and natural affection, like only good friends can do. Enjoy.

“Once divided, nothing left to subtract
some words when spoken can’t be taken back
walks on his own with thoughts he can’t help thinking
future’s above but in the past he’s slow and sinking
caught a bolt ‘a lightnin’, cursed the day he let it go…

nothingman, nothingman,
isn’t it something? nothingman…

she once believed in every story he had to tell
one day she stiffened, took the other side
empty stares from each corner of a shared prison cell
one just escapes, one’s left inside the well
and he who forgets will be destined to remember…

oh, she don’t want him
oh, she won’t feed him
after he’s flown away
into the sun, into the sun, burn, burn…”

The missing boy

The boy who made your heart
Skip a beat with a wink
The one who made you laugh
Whith stories good for shrinks

The boy who used to cheer
Your paintings and your pics
The one who used to call you
Love, angel, stupid dream

That boy is missing now
He’s left, he’s far away
His place is now the scene
For a man who cannot play

A man with busy hands
And wiser, heavy eyes
A man who can tell stories
A man who can tell lies

A man you wouldn’t know
But if you need a clue
A man with a sad smile
Each time he thinks of you.


Bleach smelling corridor
And the deaf whisper
Of sugar falling
Into my coffee cup

Malicious white spot
Trough monochrome film
Unwanted reminder
Of a border too close

I need fresh air
Or just a time out
Smoke draws translucent
Well-known skulls

You smile at me
And talk about love
And how you feel ready
And how you feel small

The planet’s spinning
Hectic and blind
I can take your hand
But I cannot stop it

Compassionate smile
Forever I’m lost
While my mind bends
To letting you go.