Out of sight

Your eyes clearer
Then one million words
Out of sight
From now on

Music shines
Melodies renew
Playing the scars
Won’t let them hush

Unanswered call
An endless fall
A distant point
That’s what I am

Blindfolded soul
Patiently waiting for
The first day of
The rest of my life.

She dances

And she dances
I can see her from here
Black beautiful blossom
Fluttering in the wind

And she dances
Her hands waving through life
Spreading happiness around
Overwhelmed, in her new dream

And she dances
Changing pictures on her wall
And I watch her giving him
The love she used to give to me.

Acid blood

A pale blurred echo
Of your joy hits me
Evidence repeating
Of a distant heart

I focus on the sound
And I strip the meaning
As if your blessing
Was not a curse to me

Blade stuck in my flesh
Rusting trough my blood
Shall I struggle to feel
Glad for your smile

Its edges are melting
Liquefied by time
Be glad for you one day
I promise I might.

The Siren

A song, unfinished
A remote and bitter gift
For a Siren sang it
Her eyes obscure

Melting feelings
And golden rings
Her voice shakes me
And burns my bones

A song, unheard
By others than me
Curses the path
And steals the meaning

Sitting on the edge
Of a broken dream
In the shadow I wait
Truth and time concealed.