Snow’s falling heavy
Timeless flakes dance
Caught in a timeless spell

My footsteps behind me
Will soon disappear
And so my concern

Forgive me, you can
‘Cause mine are the burden
And the cuts on the hands

As I grab onto the stakes
No byroads to take
And no minds to reverse

While snow’s falling heavy
My timeless love dances
Caught in a timeless spell.


Feet stomping on marble
Sudden nocturnal buzz
Of intruders at the gates

Black threatening pawns
Out of a bigger game
Chasing a feeble King

You will maybe get in
Your pointed stings at hand
Blind enemies on hold

But time consumed my Queen
And choked our perfect fire
Under its opaque dome

So please stop knocking now
And leave me to my realm
Of sweet and blithe indifference.

The missing boy

The boy who made your heart
Skip a beat with a wink
The one who made you laugh
Whith stories good for shrinks

The boy who used to cheer
Your paintings and your pics
The one who used to call you
Love, angel, stupid dream

That boy is missing now
He’s left, he’s far away
His place is now the scene
For a man who cannot play

A man with busy hands
And wiser, heavy eyes
A man who can tell stories
A man who can tell lies

A man you wouldn’t know
But if you need a clue
A man with a sad smile
Each time he thinks of you.


For S

Dark eyes staring at me
Gravity of a black hole
You hand me a glass of wine
As feelings start to flow

You smile, me too I guess
Too old to play these games
I feel some kind of soothing
In the sound of your name

An unexpected move
My hand is brushing yours
So many fears are hiding
In the shivers of my soul

Still a few hours to go
Our hands are on the move
Do you think it will be enough
For a little fall in love?

Two hearts

The cold glow of distant fires
Can’t turn my soul into ashes
Because never and forever
Are the words we’ll never own

In the scent of a thin air
Now I can slow down the pace
And I let my walls collapse
In a tired wake of rage

Two hearts beating and one beat
No more wishes to be made
Then I blow the light away
And our music starts to fade.

The Wizard

A house like the others
A few empty chairs
A voice, a welcome
A call from upstairs

The wizard looked at me
Deep dark blue eyes
Unbreakable mirror
Of a singular mind

He’s taking my hand
But I won’t believe
I know all those tricks
I’m not so naive

He speaks of my world
My past and my fate
He talks about a distant
And dangerous shade

Temptation is strong
A will to deny
But tears they come back
Breathe deep, don’t cry…

Oh, I feel so tired
My eyes need to shut
My bones are broken
Bad taste in my mouth

No need to go further
The old man is right
You’re only a spell
In my infinite night.


Walk around the dark room
It all seems calm now
The mystery has been solved
And the menace neutralised

None needs you anymore
Useless seeping agent
You can trade your mission
For a well deserved rest

Destroy your identity
Erase the information
Incinerate the files
And all your secrets with them

And when your mind
Will stop remembering
You won’t need to wish it away
And there will be no trace left.