The warmth of a bed
Darkness is blinding deep
Your head on my shoulder
Soft calm respiration

Is this a glimpse of happiness
Is this just a truce
Asking for too much
Made me deaf to the answer

Stay with me longer
Stay with me forever
Even if our forever
Will only be tonight.

Cold stones

Carefully open up the box
And take out all the gold
And all the precious gems
You have been cherishing for so long

Watch them shine like a rainbow
As soon as the torchlight
Bathes the purple velvet
Inside the weathered wooden case

Explain to your best friend
That this once was your treasure
And try to make him see through your eyes
How much they enlightened your own world

Show him the endless landscapes
Of their reflections in your head
Tell the meaning of their shades
And the pattern they used to form

He will only see cold stones
And dark spaces in between
And you cannot blame him for this
Because there’s nothing to be seen

And no reason for him to rescue you
Or for playing the doctor’s part
And help fighting the invisible presence
Of a dream that turned out bad.


Pills crushed on the ground
By inadvertent steps
I sit on the bathroom floor
Staring at the dusty remains

Should I stay evasive
Before my tired mind
Or look it in the eyes
And knock the scenery down

Just a mere coincidence
Or a real sign of fate
I need to take my time
I need to concentrate

Arms crossed on my chest
I look for a little warmth
Inhale, hold, exhale
These shivers have to stop.

The island

for SB

Reported missing
Alone, endless sea around
A shelter built from scratch

Dry and indifferent
To the echoes of your
Words left unspoken

Mighty sun rays
And a beauty I can’t like
Blind to any pleasure

I focus my energy
To the quest of the time
When my being will be mine

Friends from Scout Team Alpha
Are on the way to rescue me
I can finally hear their engines roar.

A promise

Gently shoving away
The dead leaves from the marble
Your name comes back
In damaged gold letters

Memories just can’t wait
To reach the surface of my eyes
A swarm of bees in my head
Cigarette smoke will push them away

Getting out through the main portal
Hanging to its cold iron for a second
To catch my breath and swear
That I’m not gonna come here again

The place where my rage lies
Buried with your bitter words
And with the silhouette of a life
Worth to be lived by someone else.