Time goes slowly by
And washes away the pain
By killing one by one
Memories in my brain

It’s gonna happen one day
I will wake up and notice
That I have nothing to cry for
Because my mind is clear

Nothing to remember
Nothing to complain about
Not a number to text to
Nor a face haunting the night

Everything will be thrown
In the same dark bin
Good things and bad things
And your first name with it.

The drug

The dawn found them
Embracing each other
Sharing sweat and memories
Of the sweetest night ever

He said please believe me
I’m not ready yet
My heart is too sick
There’s nothing to get

She said I’m your drug
We don’t need to part
Just open your eyes
And give me your heart.

Silently screaming

Sun comes up
Sun goes down
Cyclic time
In my small town

Both on opposite
Ends of the line
Back to back
You won’t be mine

Tears go down
Tears get dry
Watch them falling
Give it a try

Chemical elements
The body’s answer
Pain resiliency
And a bunch of anger

Speak it loud
Feel the taste
Unfolded awareness
Pain is waste

So what’s the point
In staying in hell
Channel the energy
Outside the well

Make the life
Run with your sun
Turn on the sensors
Love’s still around.

How far

Eyes barely open
Not even started yet
To design thoughts
Pain has already begun

Bones frozen still
Heart heavily pounding
I hate this feeling
Of powerless waiting

Inhale, exhale
Rewind and replay
Dizzy I reach out
For my usual remedy

How far can it go
How long can it last
I wish it was over
Just a hole in my past

How much work to do
For a stupid break up
How much energy stolen
From the estate of a heart.

While my guitar

Soft curved lines
Well weathered wood
A promise of sweetness
A tool for my soul

Steel’s out of tune
I practice a bit
My fingers are stiff
To the wishes of my mind

Sole companion
Of unforgettable nights
Letting out things
That were resting behind

Lifetimes returning
Back to the light
My voice has changed
I dare, it’s alright

Dragging back songs
Into a darkened room
Letting her speak for me
About joy and doom

A simple object
An evidence though
That my ultimate loss
Has still to be proved.

Day Three

Going through the last day
Of my reckless quest
Exhausting last ditch
For my brain cells

Among the ashes
And the dirty debris
I really can’t find
One thing I should keep

Nothing is worth more
Than a distracted sight
Like pretentious creations
That are not worth a dime

This is Day Three
And I won’t allow anyone
Including myself
To tear my work down.