Cool pool

Fornells, Costa Brava. In between two coves, I stumbled upon this amazing infinity pool, carved directly into the cliff stone. On the left, you can see the jet of water feeding the pool, pumped directly from the sea below. One lucky guy stands on the wall from which the water overflows back to the sea.


Hot air, sand under my feet
Feels like the first time
I can barely remember
The small house lying by the sea

Shadows in black and white
Pulsing light of my night
Dad is waiting awake
For a small and huge leap

One day I will understand
But let me sleep for now
One day I will rewind
And watch those shining men walk

And I’ll listen to that song
The one I knew by heart
The one that made me sing
In a way that made you laugh

And I’ll enjoy melancholy
Of summers faded away
And a young father’s smiles
On yellowed photographs

Well I still sing that song
And I get its meaning now
It speaks about our summers
And your laughter rings again.

Thanks to my sweet Calen for inspiring such memories

By the way, the song:

Back to business

After fifteen days spent tanning, crawling, eating ice creams and buying silly summer bracelets with my kids, they’re back at their mother’s and I am back to my apartment. The beautiful “Hand. Cannot. Erase.” by Steven Wilson is playing on my stereo.

Coming back from the summer holidays is never easy to handle, but this year it’s different. We talked, we played, we laughed, we really spent time together. And for my birthday they gave me a gift way bigger than anything money can buy. They told me that they were happy.

Back to business tomorrow, but for now let me cherish this sweet melancholy a little longer, let me still feel for a few minutes how life can be just perfect sometimes.

Bad weather…

…but there was a good reason for the kids and myself for going to the beach: watching the Patrouille de France army aerobatic team draw this beautiful heart in the sky. More than 80.000 people were there for the display, despite the storm threat. The day ended up with a fresh rain and some distant thunders. And an ice cold Leffe Blonde for me, while sitting on the mobile home porch. “Hearts and thoughts they fade, fade away…”