My tree

In May 2015 I cut a small branch from a beautiful fruit tree I saw in a neighbour’s garden. Its fruits reminded me of my grandma and the way she used to cut them into halves and dispose them into some hot leavened bread for our breakfast. I put the branch in a plastic bottle half full of compost. I watered, just enough. I moved it to a sunny corner of my balcony. I patiently waited for the first tiny roots to become visible through the transparent plastic of the bottle, then I moved it to a larger pot. In November, all its leaves had fallen and I decided to try and move it to a friend’s garden. It’s the right time of the year for this, they say… Now the winter really seems to be over and guess what? The small branch seems to enjoy itself in his new ground, a few tiny leaves have started to bloom. I am a city guy and this is the first time that I plant a tree. The thought of it growing up, giving fruits and also surviving me makes me feel hopeful and moved. Let me introduce to you my baby beautiful fig tree😊


(Sorry for the lack of focus, I tried ten times but this is the best I could do 😞)

Out of nowhere


Early morning thoughts at the runway threshold. Too much fog for taking pictures, but still I’m staying here and smoking one more cigarette, my camera at hand. The noise gets louder and louder but I can’t see the plane. I shoot where it should be, right when it comes out of the clouds. This is dedicated to a very special friend, too bad she’s so far away…

An amazing weekend

What a weekend! It started on Friday night with the long-awaited Steven Wilson’s concert. Great band, huge sound and the pleasure of meeting Nick Beggs, the bass player. I told him I could remember when he started his career with Kajagoogoo and how amazing was the bass beginning of “Too shy”. “You’re old!”, he said. Yes, indeed…


The morning after, my heart is still moved and dizzy because of the concert aftermath but there’s no time to rest: I am gonna fly to London for the Rugby World Championship match between France and Italy!

Despite a deflated propeller, we safely land in Gatwick. A huge thanks to our heroic pilots 😀


The Twickenham stadium is a pure beauty and the atmosphere overflows of a joyful excitement. Singing my national anthem along with thousands of people is something moving and unique.


Well, no surprises about the score. On the other hand, I have to say that as a lifetime football fan I wasn’t expecting such a friendly attitude between the two opposite team’s supporters. Hugging and congratulating each other for the good game and going for a pint together is something that makes me love rugby way more than for the game itself.


But it’s time to fly back already. Back home at 5am, with the feeling of having had one of the most unforgettable weekends of my life.

Much love, HC

The dragon

Tired muscles prominent
Under my thickened skin
Colored scales stained
Damp blood that shines like tin

This cave is now my home
Away from silly fights
This darkness is my nurse
Hiding my terror sights

A rain of arrows falling
Would just have felt like straws
But I removed my armor
And they pierced to the bones

I trusted in his protection
My rider couldn’t lie
Now I crave for salvation
I’ll heal alone or die.

No hidden meaning, just a fantasy game… 😉

The Wizard

A house like the others
A few empty chairs
A voice, a welcome
A call from upstairs

The wizard looked at me
Deep dark blue eyes
Unbreakable mirror
Of a singular mind

He’s taking my hand
But I won’t believe
I know all those tricks
I’m not so naive

He speaks of my world
My past and my fate
He talks about a distant
And dangerous shade

Temptation is strong
A will to deny
But tears they come back
Breathe deep, don’t cry…

Oh, I feel so tired
My eyes need to shut
My bones are broken
Bad taste in my mouth

No need to go further
The old man is right
You’re only a spell
In my infinite night.