Your eyes into my eyes
Your finger on my mouth
“Hush dear, it’s time to sleep”
The moon is rising now

No one can hear us lover
No distance to traverse
Your body seems to glow
I bend my head back down

Your eyes into my eyes
Your finger on my mouth
“Hush dear” and I surrender
The moon is calm and bright.


Feet stomping on marble
Sudden nocturnal buzz
Of intruders at the gates

Black threatening pawns
Out of a bigger game
Chasing a feeble King

You will maybe get in
Your pointed stings at hand
Blind enemies on hold

But time consumed my Queen
And choked our perfect fire
Under its opaque dome

So please stop knocking now
And leave me to my realm
Of sweet and blithe indifference.

Mornings ahead

A leather bound
Book in his hand
He sits and turns
The same pages again

Tales of young wolves
And sweet blooded preys
And sun bathed leaves
Spaces to roam away

Tales of a wizard
Places left behind
People smiling
At a slight of hand

Tales of joy
And a brilliant tree
Lovely kisses
And prayers on a knee

Tales from the past
And a well known land
Cherished memories
For the mornings ahead.

Merry Christmas, my friends.