A morning flight



My Spanish friend and good pilot José effortlessly convinces me to join him for an early morning flight in the Costa Brava sky. The air is fresh and clean, we take off and smoothly buzz around on our small plane. We are not alone, but our friends waving at us from below have chosen a quieter way of flying 🙂

Out of nowhere


Early morning thoughts at the runway threshold. Too much fog for taking pictures, but still I’m staying here and smoking one more cigarette, my camera at hand. The noise gets louder and louder but I can’t see the plane. I shoot where it should be, right when it comes out of the clouds. This is dedicated to a very special friend, too bad she’s so far away…

A night with Therapy?

Therapy? is a rock band from Northern Ireland. I have been following them since 1994 and their amazing Troublegum album and never missed a record ever since. I didn’t dare to hope to see them live one day, as they almost never hit the France during their tours.

So what a huge surprise when I found out, just one day before the show, that they were coming to my town!

Small venue, front row and a huge concert. And, in the end, a beer and a chat with three amazing guys. I left with a few selfies, Andy’s pick and my heart full of childish joy for having finally had the possibility to tell them how much their music has meant to me over the years. Thank you Andy, Neal and Michael for this unforgettable night!

Toulouse – Jan 30, 2016