So sometimes
That’s the way it goes
When you tear down my armour
And crumble my walls

And sometimes
In constant twists and turns
Warm blue turns to black
And sweet turns into sour

In red Bordeaux
The gravity releases
My hearts and my thoughts
Set free to bleed again

Look back now
Did I break my promise yet?
We never said goodbye
´Cause maybe we never met.

Brothers In Arms

Because if I lived in Paris, yesterday night I’d have been at the Bataclan to see the Eagles of Death Metal. Because of the anger, the disgust and this overwhelming sadness. Because we have been told today that we are in a war.

And because we have just one world, but we live in different ones…

Let me show you…

Let me show you
This is my room
My toys on the ground
And pencils to draw

It smells good here
And I have fun
My brother’s laughter
Rings out while we run

Let me show you
This is my life
Why should I change it
For a trip in the night

But my daddy says
That we have to go
So I take his hand
And we reach the flow

And I try to run
And I try to swim
And I wave for help
But it’s not me that you see

You see the alien
A thief of work
A sudden menace
To your perfect world

Well now I’m too tired
To fear and to hope
At least let me sleep
On the sand of your shore.

To Aylan.