The Dharma Boy

Thrown down below
By a trick of time
Well dark and deep
Black burning eyes

And bleeding toes
And scorched knees
Too many bottles
Crushed under his feet

You used to call him
The Dharma Boy
Maker of dreams
And glittering toys

He used to call you
Lovely Miss Wont
Lady of the blue bird
Unbreakable bond

Thrown down below
A fall out of grace
Your slippery walls
Consumed his nails

But blood has gone dry
And so did the tears
Of The Dharma Boy
Maker of dreams.

A rose

A rose among the roses
A star among the stars
Shiny red velvet gem
And ointment to my scars

Our fall became a winter
And hearts heavy like gold
Your skin as thick as bark
My eyes cheeky and cold

Sour drops to a thirsty soul
And sharp and shining blade
Caught in the light of doom
A sight that will not fade

You, rose among the roses
The hand I will not hold
You, dream among my dreams
Those dreams you won’t unfold.

Mornings ahead

A leather bound
Book in his hand
He sits and turns
The same pages again

Tales of young wolves
And sweet blooded preys
And sun bathed leaves
Spaces to roam away

Tales of a wizard
Places left behind
People smiling
At a slight of hand

Tales of joy
And a brilliant tree
Lovely kisses
And prayers on a knee

Tales from the past
And a well known land
Cherished memories
For the mornings ahead.

Merry Christmas, my friends.

Take The Time

Take the time before it takes you
Play the game and never cheat
Say I love you with a smile
To the ones you can’t forget

Take the time before it takes you
Sing aloud and keep the beat
Say I love you, make it ring
And they’ll sing with you, I bet

Take the time before it takes you
To the ones you’ll never meet
Say I love you once again
And your time you won’t regret.