Left to dry

Transparent and cold
Refreshing steel blade
Tiny flow of existence

Water stumbles in
Spring shining streams
And winter dark seas

Evaporates then
Up to the sky
Perfect like memories

Craving for calmness
In vapor masses
Droplets collide

Watch them and smile
Watch and remember
How they grow and die

Running and changing
Animals to faces
And flowers again

Until you remember
Until you forget
And leave them to dry.

To forever

Present to past
You have become
In a flicker of time
A muse to my songs

Now to forever
The tide returns
Like foam disappears
This gift of one love

Present to past
Eyes seeking eyes
My soul keeps shaking
Like fire in the storm

Now to forever
Memories fall
And swirl in the lines
Of my songs for you.


I know that we all go through hard moments in our lives and I know how hard it can be to go over a heartbreak. And maybe I’m not the appropriate person to give lessons about it, but… I think that Adele needs help!

In 2011 she used to sing about a guy which broke her heart and how he’d found someone else and got married (see Someone like you lyrics). And now, four years later, she’s calling him again (see Hello lyrics) asking to meet him, her words soaked with tears.

Now either she’s talking about someone else (in which case she’s hopeless at dealing with liaisons) or she’s a dangerous stalker (poor guy, leave him alone!). Or, even worse, she’s only trying to stick to her eternal broken-hearted brand image.

Hey girl, listen to me, get out of this quicksand. Leave all this ridiculous melancholic sentimental sh*t to us fogeys. Go out with friends, have a few vodkas, meet other guys and enjoy. Please, Adele, it’s time to move on…

Die Laughing

Gimme something to breathe
Give me a reason to live
Close your eyes and see
What you have inside

I think I’ve gone insane, I can’t remember my own name
I think I’ve gone insane

Now the dream is gone
And your friends just tell you lies
Then you realise
You’re gonna die anyway

I think I’ve gone insane, I can’t remember my own name

Lost in a world with no reality
I’m frightened to move
I’m frightened to speak
And I will kill for a good night’s sleep
I’m feeling, I’m feeling dead, dead, dead, dead

I think I’ve gone insane, I can’t remember my own name

I can’t remember

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Staying friends

Staying friends
Hopes get solid
And then melt down
Again and again

Opaque mirror
Flashes and hides
My old reflection
Without a pain

Who I was
Or could have been
Echoes of dreams
I dreamed in vain

Healing the healed
Killing the dead
Shining fool’s gold
None would claim

Staying friends
A smoky curtain
And smiles to fake
Again and again.