Heading to the sea

6:00 am, I am getting the car ready. We are leaving for a 15 days summer holiday. My kids look like zombies, they will probably fall asleep again while I’ll drive to our destination, a seaside town at less than 200 miles from here.

I feel a little tense, as usual before a journey. Did I forget anything? Will everything be alright? Will they miss their mother? It’s the first time…

We better go now, while the air is still fresh and there are not too many cars on the route. Expect a few silly pictures from time to time, if I’ll not too busy with the bikini girls (well, I know I won’t, just trying to motivate myself a little 😉 )

Much love,

Your First Post Challenge

I’m proud for having been nominated by hbhatnagar (aka The Mighty Doc) for this very disturbing challenge. It’s not easy for me to go back in time and THINK about what I wrote and why I did it, but it’s a good test in a way…

The rules:

  • Copy-paste, link, pingback or take a picture of your first post;
  • State what type of post that was (like depression, grieving, anxiety or heartbreak);
  • Explain why was this, instead of something funny, your first post;
  • Nominate 5 other bloggers. Five because you can count on the fingers of your left hand while typing with the right.

*** One Thousand Miles ***

A poem, so to speak… I was flying back home from Eindhoven, on an early September morning. Mixed feelings of love and loss, and the fear of returning to a place that I didn’t feel mine anymore: I was alone, my heart just didn’t catch that plane. I wrote this down, for her, but I kept it for me. Now it has become the first memory of our last encounter, the first song about a farewell.

And the nominees are:

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Cheers, HC


I started blogging in January and this is more than I dared to expect.

Thanks so much to you all, you lovely poetic crazy souls.

P.S. I am keen to remind you that’s not my fault if some of you have started using antidepressants (or increased whisky doses – yes, YOU!) during the last four months. Coincidences do exist.

My Graphic Novel Drawing Process

Don’t miss Tori’s beautiful drawings. Any graphic novels lover should have a look at this amazing work and the process sharing is just delicious, Enjoy!

Dreams and Letters

As I work on my first graphic novel, I thought I’d share the process I go through to create each page from start to finish.

I’ve chosen to create traditional ink drawings and have them stay black and white because I feel it will tell the story better. Everyone has a different way of doing things depending on the project, time frame, materials available, and personal preference.

desk and materials solstice process



I’m using 9×12 smooth Bristol. It works well with inks and is sturdy. I believe that if you’re going to put in a lot of time and effort into your artwork, use a paper that lasts. A rule of thumb is to create artwork that is larger than it will appear in the book.


I like regular HB pencils, but I’ve seen some artists use non-photo blue pencils, which are supposed to disappear on the artwork when scanned.



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Coffee table



Once we were grains in the wood,
Unexpectedly bending curves,
Islands on a table top, waves around.

Now every day has the same rhythm
While you and I have lost the wildness
and gained so much good, so much balance.

Our roads are straight with walls of obligations,
Narrow alleys of glistening wet stones,
And at home the coffee table carries two remote controls.

Now and then the port and coffee stains
Tell me of our history, making me want to remember
How we once were constructed in wood.

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