My new friend

He drinks my wine and smokes my cigarettes
He steals my pills and creeps in my bed

He knows every corner of my house
He knows me better than myself

He doesn’t want me to forget
He speaks her name again and again

One day he’ll leave but for now
I have to live with my new friend

Moving on

for JF

Many roads in front, undisclosed
Blowing laughter and tears
And many chances to pick from

One road behind
Made of sad words and paintings
Barred by regrets for evermore

So why do you still think you have a choice?
And if thinking of it hurts
Well my friend, simply stop.

Incoming text

When she will feel lost again
She will understand and look for you
With a sweet and sudden Hello
Making your heart explode inside your chest

When she will forgive you
She will be back for you and push away
All the nights spent alone in tears
And you won’t feel the same

When she will try again
Of course you will still be there
Turning your face to try and catch
That warm ray of light coming through the leaves

The silver lining

for Nick

I spend my time staring at the black clouds
They follow each other and carry a shadowy light
They run and run and they don’t ask why 
The wind chooses the path and there is no way back
Dark fragments floating in the river of time

You told me that the weather would turn back to fine
And to build a windmill ’cause the wind would rise 
And stronger would get the waves and the tide 
I’ll take your advice, still I’m straining my eyes
Waiting for the clouds to show their silver lining


Sit here with me on the sand, my baby soul
Because there is no healing without tears, you know
And there is no goodbye for the one you love

So let them flow and each single drop
Will tear apart one vein from your heart
And once it’s all done, just leave him alone

He will come back to you in a month or one year
Once the job is complete and the spell broken into pieces
Be patient my baby soul, the time will come again.

One thousand miles

My home is lost in a misty day
One thousand miles away
My home is made of red bricks
And distant pictures clicks

Should you come there and take my hand
I won’t dare to believe
Will you blur my colours again?
Time will be the only treat

My home is made of a fading song
Too hard to write,  too sweet to listen to
My home is where you live
One thousand miles away