You are one hundred
Trees I’ll never climb
The greediness of time
Took all their shapes away

You are one hundred
Poems I won’t declaim
The thoughts and the sounds
That lead my mind to sway

You are one hundred
Dreams still to be claimed
One hundred notes
In a song that I won’t play.

The dragon

Tired muscles prominent
Under my thickened skin
Colored scales stained
Damp blood that shines like tin

This cave is now my home
Away from silly fights
This darkness is my nurse
Hiding my terror sights

A rain of arrows falling
Would just have felt like straws
But I removed my armor
And they pierced to the bones

I trusted in his protection
My rider couldn’t lie
Now I crave for salvation
I’ll heal alone or die.

No hidden meaning, just a fantasy game… 😉

Two hearts

The cold glow of distant fires
Can’t turn my soul into ashes
Because never and forever
Are the words we’ll never own

In the scent of a thin air
Now I can slow down the pace
And I let my walls collapse
In a tired wake of rage

Two hearts beating and one beat
No more wishes to be made
Then I blow the light away
And our music starts to fade.

Summer wine

Fresh summer wine
I let your charm in
My head starts spinning
Her smile is clean

Lips busy, exploring
Won’t break the silence
These unspoken poems
Are all that we need

Sweet summer wine
Hot burning skins
Thoughts synchronize
To the rhythms within

I embrace the truth
Of your half-closed eyes
A world of our own
Where I will not lie.